Obsesión Por La Mosca Seca + Guía de Cotos Salmoneros

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Obsesión por la Mosca Seca – Versión Español

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El Pardón de Meana y la Pluma de Gallo de León – Versión Español

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The Pardón de Meana and the Feather of Gallo de León – English Version

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Dry fly Obsession


Offer: Dry Fly Obsession + Guide of the Spanish Salmon Preserves 57€

This book is the product of the passion of the author Luis Meana for the King of fly fishing methods to which he has dedicated a large part of his life. Over the years, Luis has developed a very effective modern dry fly fishing technique and shares with us materials, techniques, strategies, tricks and stories. It prepares us to face difficult situations, especially with the famous sea trout from the north of Spain, a fishing method that Luis has been known to be addicted for decades.

In addition, Luis introduces us to his particular philosophy, a way of seeing fishing in which the complete experience and a deep connection with the natural environment prevail, above the numbers and weights of merit. This connection will allow us to achieve a greater understanding of the rivers and what they inspire in us and will make dry fly fishing a very exciting and wonderful experience.

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